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The 64 Dakini Oracle is inspired by the Tantric Yogini temples of India. These temples of inititation are circular roof-less enclosures which housed a cycle of Shaktis- emanations of the Goddess. Based on the 64 rays that emanate from the navel or solar plexus center of the subtle body, they represent the energies of transformation. Many systems understand the significance of the number 64. The I-Ching, the DNA, computer systems, etc. all share the 64 principle. The human cell itself divides this many times before it starts to specialize.

As an accurate reflection of the many aspects of self, the 64 matrix is a point of interface between the personal and the cosmic. It''s template has been constructively utilized to create a lens through which we may view the infinte as it filters into form. The I-Ching's 64 hexagrams act as glyphs of the distribution of elemental energies throughout creation. The Indian Tantrikas manifested 64 forms of the Goddess as the 64 forms of energy that work with & through us for our own transformation, liberation, and enlightenment.

The Dakinis are interdimensional shapeshifters. They are real, spiritual entities who are ready & willing to assist us in self knowledge & evolution. They are often wild, spontaneous, and free for they are free energy itself in it's natural form, unrestrained or constricted by social norms.

The Dakini energy works in mysterious ways. A team of mystic Dakinis have agreed to be part of this project, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the Dakinis have called us to create this temple for them. They want to help. As they are capable of manifesting in whatever form is created for them, we have elected to manifest new forms for their energy that are attuned to our current times. Many forms and frequencies of Goddesses and Dakinis that are familiar to us from different cultures and different times are woven into our Dakini manifestation. Their names and qualities are re-channeled for the now.

The 9 Dakinis shown here are an introduction to the Oracle and are being brought forth now to evoke their qualities and empower the project. A sense of their energy fields is to be found on "Dakini Invocation" on the Goddess Juice DVD. The Ecstatic Portals DVD will feature an invocation of the next group of Dakinis. When the full cycle has been manifested, then the 64 Dakini Oracel will be put into operation.

Visitors to the site will be able to consult the Oracle and the portal of the selected Dakini will open. The Dakini will deliver her oracle reading to the questioner, describing her nature, why she has appeared before the questioner and what she means to their life. The person consulting the oracle will receive an audio/visual "download" from the Dakini. Her words, the music of her frequencies and the visual qualities of her being and her energy realm all act upon the nature of self in a direct & personal way, so enhancing the potential for energy communication and transformation. In traditional spiritual circles, the transmission of energy is called "Shaktipat" or "Darshan."

The 64 Dakini Oracle's intention is to bring psycho-spiritual cyber darshan.

As the Oracle exists in cyberspace and is not a tangible pack of cards, we are offering posters and custom prints of the Dakinis. Each is a meditation on a specific energy field. The Dakinis are allies, interdimensional messengers. They are here to help us shift our lives to the next octave.

We hope you enjoy the Dakini experience and the evolutionary potential they represent. May the the Dakinis enrich your incarnation.


The 64 Dakini Oracle


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